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     Coming out of Atlanta, GA, Dee30shotss is on target to make major moves in the upcoming year. The boldly spirited rapper is gaining momentum at unmatched speed for his forthcoming Real Spill mixtape due out January 2021. His singles “Not Average” and “Family Ties” are already solidifying his fan base both online and in real life.


     Dee30shotss got his start making music as an outlet to express his experiences while he was locked up in jail for three years. The turbulent times brought forth both creativity and a serious determination to make something out of his life.


     “I had a homeboy in prison,” he explains, “and one day I came to him and was like, 'man, I'm goin' through some sh*t.' He was like, 'man, you should start rappin' about what you goin' through.’ So one day I wrote this rap called ‘Real Spill.’ He was like, 'that sh*t hard -- you need to start rappin'.”


     “Real Spill” turned out to be just the beginning of his growing popularity as a rapper. Already having a reputation in the streets, it wasn’t hard for Dee30shotss to gain attention for his music when he came home.


     “Music so far has made me stay focused,” he says. “It keeps me out of a lot of trouble. It's time consuming. It's showing me who my fake friends and peers are. A lot of people don't believe I rap -- they be like, 'oh he ain't talking about nothin'. Until they hear my music.”


     The music itself is gritty, in-your-face, and real as it gets. Real Spill is set to feature 13 tracks Dee30shotss promises are hits. “I shot a video for ‘Remember Me’ -- the film that went viral on my page of me getting shot or whatever, so lookout for that. I got ‘Long Time Coming’ too -- that's a hit. Once you hear that, it's gon' bring you back to the days where you ain't have nothing. It gon' make you appreciate what you got going on. When I hit I don't miss. You might as well get you a board and ride the wave.”


     His ambitious goals for the future include being on the top of Billboard, investing in real estate, and leaving a legacy behind for his four children. “You gotta have a lot of ambition,” he asserts. “Doing this music, you can't let nothing stop you...I'ma climb the mountain and no matter how many times I fall I'ma keep climbin' till I get to the top. ”


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